Pause for Safety Session

“There is no such thing as a workplace accident.  All accidents at work can be avoided.”
-- Assoc. Professor Doug Brown, Executive Director, Spinal Research Institute, speaking at Work Safe’s Health and Safety Week Forum 2014
At the SRI, we understand why workplace safety is so important because we see the impact of catastrophic accidents every day. Of the thousands of Australians injured at work every year, some suffer devastating spinal injuries that change their lives forever. The tragedy is that these accidents should never have happened.
All organisations have an interest in safety. For health and safety professionals, the goal is to create a safe workplace where accidents are prevented.  Many large employees hold specific events in Health and Safety Month or National Safe Work Australia Week to meet OH&S targets and ensure they are maximising safety.
Holding a Pause for Safety Panel at your workplace
The Pause for Safety Panels hosted by the SRI have an all-important 'human touch' because they bring a real life story to the discussions around safety. Most employees hear about safety often; they get emails about safety policies and procedures and OH&S sessions as part of their induction. What they don't often hear is the raw, real-life repercussions of a workplace accident. The emotional impact of hearing such a story is what can make the difference. Feedback from organisations that have held Safety Panels indicates that the emotional element is what ensures staff 'take in' safety messages and become more conscious, every day, about accident prevention. Health and Safety Month
What happens at a Pause for Safety panel event?
The Pause for Safety Panels are an ideal event to hold in Health and Safety Month. They can be customised to meet the needs of your workplace and contracted staff. In general they run for approximately 1 - 2 hours and consist of:
  • Powerful 5-minute Pause for Safety video telling a real-life story of one person's life after a devastating workplace accident
  • Expert panel discussion in a Q&A format (panel members will include spinal injury experts and a person who has experienced a workplace accident) 
  • Participating staff given a Pause for Safety information kit containing:
    • Facts and figures regarding workplace accidents and their costs
    • Questionnaire template designed to get staff thinking proactively about how they can play a role in safety and accident prevention
  • Depending on number of participants, group discussion exercises to engage staff in reflection on potential 'risks' in their work practices and environments

Corporate testimonials
The SRI has received positive feedback from organisations that have held safety panels and utilised safety kits.

Brookfield Multiplex: 

“We booked an SRI Safety Panel for one of our OH & S activities in 2014.  It was great to hear from all the experts, but it was really hearing from Max and his wife Stefania about their personal journey from a workplace spinal injury to recovery that was very effective.”   Paul Breslin, O H & S Manager, Construction and Development
Cleanex Group: 
“I was very impressed with the Safety Panel session and in particular was moved to hear first hand the physical hardships and health conditions faced each day by SRI ambassador Max Di Paolo, who had a spinal cord injury working on a construction site in 2009. I had not realised the ripple effect that spinal cord injury had on family members, partners, and children, let alone on the actual patient.” George Nestorovski, Cleanex Group, Director
How much does it cost to book a Pause for Safety Panel?

As the panels are tailored to individual workplaces (of different sizes and requirements) the cost is variable. 

I want to find out more / book a Panel for my workplace
To book a Pause for Safety Panel or find out more, contact Deirdre Mori, SRI Development Manager, at





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