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A/Prof Rita van den Berg-Emons

A/Prof Rita van den Berg-Emons is part of the research group led by Dr Sonja de Groot that received a 2020 SCI Collaboration Grant to attend ISCoS2020:Virtual.

After graduating in Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University (1988, the Netherlands), Rita van den Berg-Emons continued at that university with a PhD project on physical training of school children with spastic cerebral palsy. After her dissertation in 1996, she started as researcher at Erasmus MC, department of Rehabilitation Medicine (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), and continued her research on physical activity and fitness and associated parameters in a broad range of people with a chronic physical condition, currently as associate professor. Her research aims are understanding and improving the lifestyle of people with chronic conditions, among others those with SCI, with special focus on physical fitness, and to apply this in rehabilitation care. Based on this knowledge, lifestyle programs are developed, evaluated on (cost-) effectiveness and underlying mechanisms, and implemented as regular treatment.

Read the group’s report from ISCoS 2020 here.


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