Dr Andrew Nunn

Andrew joined the Board in June 2016.

Andrew is a Spinal Physician and Director of the Victorian Spinal Cord Service (VSCS), which is involved in comprehensive care from accident with acute management, rehabilitation, community integration, and long-term follow-up.

He has a 25 year association with Monash and Melbourne Universities (as well as Latrobe and Swinburne) in engineering and medicine.

Ongoing funded clinical research within VSCS includes telehealth, the application of emerging and merging technology, remote ambulatory monitoring using multiparameter data loggers, integration of clinical datasets (CI) , new approaches to exercise as SCIPA (CI ), new approaches to bladder management (CI), nerve transplantation (CI) neurodiagnostics (CI) , fMRI ,sleep health (SHiQ program) and diaphragmatic pacing (CI) and assistive technology including FES, upper and lower limb robots and higher level control.

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