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Pratibha Gautam

Pratibha Gautam is part of the research group led by Dr Raju Dhakal that received a 2020 SCI Collaboration Grant to attend ISCoS2020:Virtual.

Pratibha is a Registered Nurse, working as Nursing Incharge at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Nepal for the past two years. She has more than two decades of experience working in the nursing field.

Pratibha and two of her fellow group members, Chanda Rana and Deepa Lamichhane, share their experiences from the conference.

“It has long been a dream for many of us to be able to be members of ISCoS and attend the ISCoS conference. This came finally true through the historic ISCos 2020: virtual meeting. It was wonderful to attend the 2020 SRI Collaborations Grantees meet and greet meeting and get to know colleagues from around the world interested and working in the field of spinal cord injury.

The whole journey has been exciting, from ISCoS Membership application to registration, to being receiving the SRI Collaboration Grant and attending ISCoS 2020 virtual itself. It was a wonderful platform which helped us broaden our knowledge, share our experiences, and update our knowledge with recent advances. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre Team attended ISCoS from the centre and our respective homes. Each member attended the track of their specialization and topics of interest. We are equally thankful to the entire ISCoS virtual team for making it so easy and convenient to attend this conference with their regular guidance, joining instruction and reminders.

The multidisciplinary team of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre is delighted and proud to be members of ISCoS and be a part of this historic event.

Thank you so much SRI and ISCoS for providing us the opportunity.”

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