Vale Betty

Vale Miss Betty Amsden AO DSJ


Betty Amsden will be remembered by the board and staff of the Spinal Research Institute (SRI) as an endlessly generous soul who cared deeply for the disadvantaged and marginalized in our community. 

Betty became the SRI’s wonderful ‘hands-on’ Patron in 2014 and has played a vital role in its transition into a fully self-funded organisation. Her inspirational leadership saw the launch of the Institute’s Founding Donors’ Circle in 2016 at Cranlana, where she garnered the support of her wide circle of friends for a cause she deemed very worthy, yet very neglected. 

The SRI’s vision of promoting transformational health outcomes for people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) became Betty’s mission. Betty was a remarkable advocate and took every opportunity to promote the importance of supporting and improving the lives of people with spinal cord injuries. She was committed to seeing improved health outcomes for this neglected group, recognising that this was vital for their quality of life and capacity to work and be active participants in the community.

Betty’s tireless work to support the SRI saw her champion our need to engage an even wider circle of supporters. In the week before her passing she was busily helping us prepare for a luncheon at Government House. She was very much looking forward to this event, and no doubt would have embraced the opportunity to speak up for the cause of SCI research.

We will miss her immensely and will continue to be inspired by her in our work moving forward.

Doug Brown,
Executive Director, Spinal Research Institute