Global Research Collaboration

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Building global collaboration in spinal cord research and clinical trials

We are working to reduce the 17-year research translation timeframe

Many spinal cord injury research studies are conducted each year, however due to low trial participant numbers, outcomes are inconclusive and do not change health policy or clinical practice. By providing the platforms and programs to build multi-centre collaboration and research capacity, we aim to increase the scale of clinical trials to achieve conclusive and translatable research outcomes that can be used to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injury.

Read about the collaborative research that the SRI has supported.

In this short video, hear from Associate Professor Doug Brown, Professor David Berlowitz and Jack Ross, Senior Clinician Physiotherapist Victorian Spinal Cord Service about the importance of spinal cord research and the impact it has on people living with spinal cord injury.

Clinical Trials

If you have a spinal cord injury there may be clinical trials that you can participate in.
To find out more about clinical trials, visit these websites.

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