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Four part webinar series

Providing people with lived experience of SCI foundation knowledge about research

This webinar series will focus on two key areas. The first is to provide people with lived experience of SCI and their family members foundation knowledge about research. This will include how research works, how to access information about upcoming research, and information about how to participate in the research cycle. The second is to increase awareness of the value of consumer engagement to researchers and the research community. This will include providing strategies for incorporating consumer engagement into practice.

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Webinar 2: 17 May 2022

Our role as SCI consumers in research

In this, our second webinar, we’ll take a deeper dive into how research works. We’ll look at

  • the consumer’s role in research – this looks different at each stage of the process.
  • the different ways you as a consumer can participate in research.
  • the benefits of participation – we’ll give you strategies to get involved.
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Webinar 3: 28 Jun 2022

Meet the researchers (hot topics in SCI research)

It’s time to meet some researchers! In our third webinar you’ll hear from researchers as they share their current work in areas such as

  • pain management
  • spasms
  • medical cannabis
  • stem cells

Researchers and topics will be selected following feedback from our Consumer Advisory Network.


Webinar 4: 9 Aug 2022

Engaging consumers in research: A researcher’s perspective

In our final webinar, we’ll introduce a framework for researchers to involve consumers in research practice.

We’ll discuss ways to identify appropriate consumers and engage them during the research process.

This webinar will be co-facilitated by PhD candidate and published researcher Leanne Rees.

Leanne Rees

Watch previous webinars as short videos below

Episode 1

What is research?

In this episode, we talk about the basics of what research is and how it works. We also run through an example so you can see the concepts in context. (26 minutes)

Episode 2

History of SCI research

In this episode, Antonio looks at key moments in the history of SCI research, and explains the difference between medical and social research. (8 minutes)

Episode 3

Impacts and benefits of SCI research

In this episode, we talk about the impact SCI research has had historically, and explore the various stakeholder groups that have benefited. (12 minutes)

Episode 4

Question & Answer (Session 1)

This Question & Answer session follows episodes one to three in this series. The questions were asked by audience members live during the webinar. (12 minutes)

This webinar series was made possible through the kind support of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts and The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust.

Clinical Trials

If you have a spinal cord injury there may be clinical trials that you can participate in.
To find out more about clinical trials, visit these websites.

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