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Meet the people working to improve spinal cord research collaboration

Everyone involved with the Spinal Research Institute is passionate about improving the lives of people with spinal cord injury. This is something we’re very proud of.


Dr Camila Quel de Oliveira

Physiotherapist, Australia (Grant group lead)

David Beins

Research Manager, Australia

Dr Sinead O’Reilly

Research Manager, Australia

Jessica Hansson

Exercise Physiologist, Australia

Dr Sintip Pattanakuhar

Rehabilitation Physician, Thailand (Grant group lead)

Dr Buddharaksa Rajchagool

Rehabilitation Physician, Thailand

Dr Raju Dhakal

Medical Director, Nepal (Grant group lead)

Dr Ram Prakash Shah

Medical Officer, Nepal

Pratibha Gautam

Registered Nurse, Nepal

Chanda Rana

Neuro-Physiotherapist, Nepal

Deepa Lamichhane

Occupational Therapist, Nepal

Dr Elizabeth Felix

Clinical Researcher, USA (Grant group lead)

Prof Thomas Bryce

Rehabilitation Medicine, USA

Sara Mulroy

Clinical Researcher, USA

Dr Trevor Dyson-Hudson

Clinical Research Scientist, USA

Dr Jeanne Zanca

Senior Research Scientist, USA

Dr Yumna Albertus

Exercise Physiologist, South Africa (Grant group lead)

Dr Sacha West

Exercise Physiologist, South Africa

Robert Evans

PhD candidate, South Africa

Claire Shackleton

PhD candidate, South Africa

Dr Sonja de Groot

Exercise Physiologist, Netherlands (Grant group lead)

A/Prof Rita van den Berg-Emons

Rehabilitation Medicine, Netherlands

Kerstin Wahman

Physiotherapist, Netherlands

Tobias Holmlund

Physiotherapist, Netherlands

Matthijs Wouda

Physiotherapist, Netherlands

Dr Diana Dorstyn

Senior Lecturer & Psychologist, Australia (Grant group lead)

A/Prof Rachel Roberts

Associate Professor & Registered Psychologist, Australia

Prof Anna Chur-Hansen

Professor & Registered Psychologist, Australia

Wendy Fraser

Director of Lifestyle, Australia

Sarah Kuberek

Senior Occupational Therapist, Australia

Ben Gruter

Lived experience of SCI

Martin Heng

Lived experience of SCI

Campbell Message

Lived experience of SCI

Leanne Rees

Researcher & physiotherapist

Christine Tripp

Family member / Carer

Early Intervention Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Outcomes for People following SCI

Dr Gillean Hilton
Austin Health, VIC

Results of the International Spinal Cord Injury Survey in Australia (Aus-InSCI)

Professor James Middleton
University of Sydney, NSW

Dr Gillean Hilton

Max and Stefania Di Paolo

Georges Meya Kiala

Physiotherapy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mohammad Sohrab Hossain

Physiotherapy and Public Health, Australia

Dr Mohit Arora

Physiotherapist, Australia

Matthew Farrow

Exercise Physiologist, UK

Dr Vanesa Bochkezanian

Physiotherapist, Australia

Fi Slaven


Yeasir Arafat Alve

Occupational Therapist, Bangladesh

Mandira Baniya

Nurse Supervisor, Nepal

Dr Johnny Bourke

Researcher, New Zealand

Jennifer Coker

Research Associate, USA

Dr Jasmine Hearn

Psychologist, UK

Dr Malihe Poormasjedi-Meibod

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Canada

Dr Sakina Rashid

Intern Doctor, Tanzania

Dr Gillean Hilton

Occupational Therapist, Australia

Kazi Hoque

Physiotherapist, Bangladesh

Lady Southey AC

Kristine Hendry

Chief Executive Officer

Emma Peleg

Project Manager

Deirdre Mori

Development Manager

Jemma Altmeier

Communications & Marketing Manager

Honouring Betty Amsden AO

Margaret Beattie

Company Secretary

Associate Professor Doug Brown AM

Executive Director

Professor David Berlowitz

Dr Andrew Nunn

Tom Morris OAM

Jason Ellery

Marc Brew

Dr Mario D’Cruz

Nick Morris OAM

Liana Cross

Digital Communications Manager

Antonio Vecchio

Consumer Engagement Lead

Fiona Low

Office Administrator and Program Support

Dr Mario D'Cruz

Craig Macaulay

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