Travel Grants

As part of building international research collaboration, we offer annual international travel grants.

The SCI International Travel Collaboration Grants support recipients to attend the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) Annual Scientific Meeting and participate in workshops.

These grants are designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and to build relationships between individuals, institutions and countries involved in spinal cord research by funding attendance at the ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting. They also provide an opportunity to connect with institutions and organisations that support the grant recipient’s area of research.

In 2019, ISCoS is being held in Nice, France. Applications for this year’s travel grants are now closed. The successful applicants will be announced soon.

You can learn more about the SRI’s process for advertising, assessing and awarding travel grants here.

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Travel Grant Recipients

Dr Mohit Arora

Physiotherapist, Australia

Matthew Farrow

Exercise Physiologist, UK

Dr Vanesa Bochkezanian

Physiotherapist, Australia

Yeasir Arafat Alve

Occupational Therapist, Bangladesh

Mandira Baniya

Nurse Supervisor, Nepal

Dr Johnny Bourke

Researcher, New Zealand

Jennifer Coker

Research Associate, USA

Dr Jasmine Hearn

Psychologist, UK

Dr Malihe Poormasjedi-Meibod

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Canada

Dr Sakina Rashid

Intern Doctor, Tanzania

Dr Gillean Hilton

Occupational Therapist, Australia

Kazi Hoque

Physiotherapist, Bangladesh

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