Why Research Matters – a collection of spinal cord research

Why Research Matters: A collection of spinal cord research from around the world is a compilation of the top-12 entries from the Spinal Research Institute’s (SRI) inaugural Spinal Cord Injury Research Writing Prize. We were thrilled with the large number of submissions received, from across 14 countries and a wide range of research interest areas.

The objective of this publication is to demystify and share the important work happening around the world in the field of spinal cord injury (SCI) research. Researchers were asked to present their work for a non-scientific audience in an easy to understand and compelling manner, keeping in mind the question “Why does my research matter?”. The Writing Prize was open to all SCI researchers, whether their research was published or not, in the midst of trials or paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This publication provides a fascinating insight into the breadth of research being undertaken in this field. The entries cover a wide range of topics from consumer engagement in research to employment; ageing to reversing paralysis and much more.

We are certain you’ll enjoy reading this digital publication, and we invite you to share this publication widely.

Or if you would prefer to download the PDF version, click here.

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