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Dr Bakhtawar Qureshi

Dr Bakhtawar Qureshi is a neuro physical therapist seeking her speciality currently in health research at Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan. Males with SCI tend to outnumber females with SCI in Pakistan, however Bakhtawar would like to shift the focus towards the females with SCI particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Her research aims to highlight the need and importance of addressing psychosocial and physiological concerns of females with SCI in an Asian setting (Pakistan). This includes issues otherwise subject to sociocultural stigmas including menstruation, marriage, sexual health, pregnancy, and also includes facilities in residential and public domains in addition to educational and training opportunities.

Bakhtawar shares her experiences from the conference.

Attending ISCoS 2023 was crucial for developing collaborative research ideas and networks. Engaging with esteemed researchers enriched my understanding and fostered collaborative initiatives. Exposure to diverse insights expanded my knowledge, contributing to the advancement of my work.

Being the sole Pakistani grantee was a unique experience, giving me the chance to represent my country and earning the distinction of winning the collaboration grant. The experience proved to be instrumental in improving professional interactions, fostering collaborations, and enhancing health outcomes for those with SCI. The standout aspect was SRI’s grant initiative for on-site attendance in the scenic city of Edinburgh, heightening the conference’s transformative impact. ISCOS 2023, overall, represents a pivotal chapter in my academic journey.

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