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Dr Aatik Arsh

Dr Aatik Arsh earned his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Khyber Medical University Pakistan. Dr Arsh is currently working as Assistant Professor at Khyber Medical University Pakistan. He has more than 70 research publications and is working on several academic and clinical research projects in the field of Health Sciences. He is Editor in Chief of Annals of Allied Health Sciences, an official journal of Khyber Medical University.

Dr Arsh is working on a collaboration to develop cost effective guidelines for the prevention of pressure ulcers among people with spinal cord injury living in the developing countries and implementation of those guidelines through telerehabilitation approaches. On the basis of literature and clinical experience, guidelines will be developed focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of pressure ulcers. The guidelines will consist of cost-effective strategies for pressure ulcer prevention, which will not only consider the physical and psychological aspect of individuals with spinal cord injury, but also take into accounts the specific cultural, geographical, economical, and religious factors prevailing in developing counties. On the basis of guidelines, a mobile app will be developed.

Aatik shares his experiences from the conference.

“I want to extend my heartiest gratitude to Spinal Research Institute for providing financial and technical support to attend 60th International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) Annual Scientific Meeting. The ISCoS provides us the opportunity to present our views and discuss the challenges and opportunities related to spinal cord injury research. In addition, the conference assists us in making links with experts in the field which will help us in conducting collaborative projects in future. Being participant for a developing country, Pakistan, where research related to spinal cord injury has not received robust attention, the conference help us in designing some high quality research studies.”

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