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Dr Camila Quel de Oliveira

Dr Camila Quel de Oliveira and her team received a 2020 SCI Collaboration Grant to attend ISCoS 2020:Virtual.

Dr Quel de Oliveira was awarded her PhD in March 2018. During her PhD, she worked on a series of studies to investigate the effects and feasibility of the NeuroMoves Activity-based therapy exercise program for people with spinal cord injuries. Camila is an early career researcher interested in improving treatment strategies and rehabilitation outcomes for people with disabilities, especially spinal cord injuries. She is currently working in two research projects involving the use of robotics to improve arm and hand function in people with chronic stroke and spinal cord injuries.

The research group – which includes David Beins, Dr Sinead O’Reilly and Jessica Hansson – share their experiences from the conference.

Research group led by Dr Camila Quel de Oliveira

“…attending the conference had a positive impact on our practices. For example: Jessica summarised the main topics and presented to the NeuroMoves staff (50 physiotherapists and exercise physiologists). After attending the consumer engagement session, Camila implemented a Research Advisory Committee at Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) with consumers and clinicians to inform our research practices. For David and Sinead, the conference provided a better understanding of what are the research needs in SCI and who are the stakeholders in the field, which gave them insights on how to improve our current research practices.”

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