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Dr Raju Dhakal

Dr Raju Dhakal and his team from the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Nepal received a 2020 SCI Collaboration Grant to attend ISCoS 2020:Virtual.

Raju is Medical Director – Rehabilitation Medicine physician trained in spinal cord injury (SCI). He has more than a decade working the field of SCI and rehabilitation as a clinician, clinical administrator, trainer, researcher and consultant/expert with Ministry of Health and Population to develop disability and rehabilitation guidelines/protocols and action plan.

The research group – which includes Dr Ram Prakash Shah, Pratibha Gautam, Chanda Rana and Deepa Lamichhane – share their experiences from the conference.

“It was my immense pleasure to attend the first virtual meeting of ISCoS. As we had a COVID-19 outbreak (at the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre) and being a Director, I had to manage lot of clinical and other managerial issues, and therefore I missed few topics presentation, however we have those presentations available on the website which we can see repeatedly until December.

On day 1, I attended the workshop: Defining and Grading of a Spinal Unit which holds relevance for both developed and emerging countries: can we replicate the trauma unit model? The Network of Networks Day for AFSCIN, ASCoN, MENASCI & SLAP Members workshop – Spinal Unit to Spinal Services: Challenges in providing comprehensive management of persons with spinal cord injury.

On day 2, I attended the workshop – Climate change and spinal cord injury: an imperative to act now. I also attended Plenary #4 – Wings for Life Lecture with Dr Michael Kilgard.

On days 4 and 5, I attended the workshop – How to use the Cohrane evidence in the field of spinal cord injury: The Cochrane Rehabilitation strategy. Instructional Course: Promising treatment options for pain among people with spinal cord injury: a complementary and integrative medicine perspective. Plenary #5 – Anthony DiMarco Lecture: Prof David Berlowitz, UTI in neurogenic bladder and World SCI Day “COVID-19 and SCI – Staying Well”.

Overall, this helped to enhance my knowledge, attitude and skills regarding comprehensive management of SCI and also helped to strengthen networking with people who have been involved in the field of SCI care. I had a very nice discussion and got peer support during the COVID outbreak in our Centre from the SRI and ISCoS.”

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