Travel Grants

Dr Sakina Rashid

Intern Doctor, Tanzania

Dr Sakina Rashid is a trainee Intern Doctor at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC Hospital) in Tanzania. She has a keen interest in the acute management of rehabilitation of SCI, and received a 2018 travel gant to attend the ISCoS Meeting in Sydney, Australia.

“Growing up in Africa, we study chapter upon chapter of tragedy – devastating droughts, famine, civil wars, large-scale poverty. Unfortunately, this has allowed a pessimistic attitude to permeate into a majority of society. With such an outlook, even the most promising opportunities would seem mundane. There’s a need for every individual in SCI care to look beyond the ‘confines’ of low resources and to start focusing on maximising efficiency with what is available.

“When ISCoS 2018 announced that one of the sub-themes would be ‘Delivery of SCI Care in Rural and Low-resource Settings’, I felt it would be a perfect opportunity to meet with individuals who face similar challenges; to share our progress and how comparable obstacles were overcome. Not only did I meet a multitude of attendees from low income countries – a few I hope to continue working with via SCoRH but it was also quite enlightening to learn of the advances in SCI care in high income countries.”  (Report extract.)

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