Max and Stefania Di Paolo

Family and health are at the heart of what makes this remarkable couple, Max and Stefania Di Paolo, a symbol of strength, balance and endurance. In 2009 Max had a devastating workplace accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. In the immediate days, weeks and months that followed, alongside Max, his wife Stefania faced what every partner in this situation faces – the heartache of watching your loved one suffer. Stefania admits it was a lot to take in at first, especially learning about the possible secondary health complications resulting from a spinal cord injury, but since those early days this couple have stayed true to their values of cherishing family and good health, creating a wonderful lifestyle for their family.

“Life is a collaboration in every sense, and we strongly believe that the research process should reflect life by involving people with lived experience in the process, not just the trials,” said Max and Stefania. Stefania added, “As a wife and carer I can also see the value that people in my position can contribute to research studies and I’m excited by the prospect.”

Max and Stefania represent the lifestyle of many people living with a spinal cord injury, where immediate family members are also supporters and carers advocating for better health care outcomes.

The Spinal Research Institute is thrilled to have them both on board as ambassadors.

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