Travel Grants

Yeasir Arafat Alve

Occupational Therapist, Bangladesh

Yeasir Arafat Alve received a travel grant to attend the 57th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney, Australia. He is an occupational therapist at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh. 

“The opportunity helped me to develop networking with others. It was a pleasurable time talk with researchers about the situations in low-resource countries. The participants willingly came to discuss and share their experiences and it was an awesome collaboration of knowledge sharing. Especially, the presence of researchers from Tanzania, India, Nepal and Malaysia who shared their emerging rehabilitation services offered in their countries – this was similar and interesting to me. The sessions delivered important lessons to develop sustainable health in communities and the collaboration with the World Health Organization was fantastic to support developing countries.

“Moreover, there was attractive sessions initiated by SRI to develop an early career researcher platform, the inspirational speeches from Associate Professor Doug Brown and the contributions of other staff were truly informative. The knowledge will facilitate my current research related to ‘participation in daily activities to promote health and well-being in Bangladesh’. Attending the ISCoS conference helped me to meet with similar research interested experts. The experts’ opinions and suggestions are assisting me in developing further research progresses in the field of community and spinal cord injury.”  (Report extract)

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