Early Career Researchers: Making connections

The SRI sees global multi-centre research collaboration as a crucial element in the future of spinal cord research. While SCoRH is a large part of the work that we do to enhance research collaboration, we are also working to make some of those connections happen ‘in person’.

Over the past few months the SRI has established a diverse international group of early career researchers – seven of whom received SRI Travel Grants to ISCoS 2018 – and mentors. We have identified that the next generation of researchers could greatly benefit from the knowledge and advice of established career researchers who have agreed to mentor them in their career development. Although the program concept is still in its infancy, the ISCoS Scientific Meeting gave us the opportunity to organise a breakfast for them to meet each other and chat about possible aims of the program.

With varied research interest areas and global perspectives, we are excited to see what connections and outcomes this group makes over time, and we look forward to introducing you to some of the members in future editions of this newsletter.

Image caption: Back row L-R: Mohsuir Rahman, Jasmine Hearn, Jo Nunnerley, Graham Creasey, Susie Charliefue, Keith Hayes, Leslie Morse, Malihe Poormasjedi, Yeasir Arafat Alve
Front row L-R: Emma Peleg, Sakina Rashid, Mohammad Mosayed Ullah, Marnie Graco, Vanesa Bochkezanian, Mandira Baniya, Jennifer Coker, Doug Brown

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