Meet: Fi Slaven, Board Director

The SRI appointed Fi Slaven as a Board Director in August 2018. Fi has had a fascinating career which began in nursing at the Austin hospital. After holding senior roles in nursing, her career shifted into managing IT services with major health organisations. Fi is currently the General Manager for the accounting firm William Buck Victoria and Chair of their Risk Committee, and she is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.

We sat down with Fi to learn more about our newest Board Director.

1) You have many interests and skills, tell us why spinal cord research is important to you.
Research and innovation in general are important aspects for all of us to embrace and support, so that we are able to positively move forward. However spinal cord research leads to improvements in people’s daily lives and also assists those providing support and so this really resonates with me. I value making a sustainable difference with all that I do and I believe that the SRI is just one way to achieve this.

2) On a professional note, what are you most passionate about?
I am passionate and vocal on equality and diversity. Everything I do professionally and personally focuses on these values, because I truly believe we are all equal. Areas such as gender, ability, ethnicity and so many more are very important to me, but so is being involved. Volunteering to organisations provides a great way of being involved, learning and #makingadifference

3) Who inspires you? 
I have and continue to be inspired by so many people in my life. You do not need to be famous or your acts well known to be inspirational. I don’t want to name a few, because I believe we can all be an inspiration to someone else.

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