Meet our 2021 Collaboration Grant recipients

Congratulations to the following researchers and clinicians who were awarded 2021 SCI Research Collaboration Grants.

This annual grant is open to researchers and clinicians from across the world, and this year, recipients represent 13 countries including Australia, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and USA.

These grants are designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and to build relationships between individuals, institutions and countries involved in spinal cord research by funding virtual attendance at the ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting. They also provide an opportunity to connect with institutions and organisations that support the grant recipient’s area of research.

  • Dr Vanesa Bochkezanian
  • Prof Ashraf Gorgey
  • A/Prof Nazirah Hasnan
  • Prof Glen Davis
  • Ms Karen Saunders
  • Dr Florian Moeller
  • Dr Aatik Arsh
  • Dr Dearbhaile Dooley
  • Dr James Reynold
  • Ms Ciara Walsh
  • Mr Justin Jesudas
  • Ms Stutti Chakraborty
  • Dr Anand Viswanathan
  • Dr Sintip Pattanakuhar
  • Dr Elizabeth Bye
  • Dr Clare Boswell-ruys
  • Dr Euan McCaughey
  • Dr Martin Heroux
  • Dr Annie Palermo
  • Ms Anjita Khadka
  • Ms Lucie Bourguignon
  • Dr Ryan O’Hare Doig
  • Ms Sandra Jenker
  • Dr Jimena Quinzaños
  • Dr Aida Barrera
  • Dr Alberto Isaac Perez Sanpablo
  • Dr Cristina Quezada Lopez
  • Dr Monserrat Palomino
  • Ms Margaret Mungai

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