World SCI Day 2021

SRI Board Director, Dr Mario D’Cruz, shares a message on World SCI Day, which this year focuses on ‘Covid-19 and SCI: Staying healthy with the help of Telecommunication and Telehealth’.

“Whilst Covid has changed everyone’s lives, it has been a particularly acute problem for the millions of us worldwide with SCI and the much larger community that lives and works with us.

In this situation, where staying healthy was contingent on minimal physical contact and keeping safe distances, the simple, absolute essentials such as disability support care, daily routines and health care became a logistical challenge.

Telecommunication has risen to this challenge by being able to provide not only Telehealth but an array of online supports and services. With Telehealth, it is possible for health providers to monitor the physical and mental health of people with SCI and organise intervention as necessary.

Teleconferencing is a great tool for associations and peer groups to bring people with SCI together. It alleviates the tyranny of isolation and is the most effective way to educate and link people with SCI to all the services and resources, both local and global, that will best assist in living with Covid.”

World SCI Day is celebrated worldwide on 5th September each year with the intention of increasing awareness and prevention of SCI, and inclusion of people living with SCI.

Learn more about World SCI Day here.

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