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Mohammad Sohrab Hossain

A/Professor Mohammad Sohrab Hossain is a PhD student at the University of Sydney. His background is in Physiotherapy and Public Health, and he is one of Bangladesh’s most experienced clinicians in the field of SCI and rehabilitation.

Mohammad is a Principal Investigator on a 5-year National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grant for a clinical trial investigating a community-based intervention to prevent premature death following SCI in Bangladesh. He received a 2019 travel grant and attended the 59th International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) Annual Scientific Meeting in Nice, France, where he presented two scientific papers about his research.

“I was fortunate to attend the 58th International Spinal Cord Society Annual Scientific Meeting in France. The SRI support was crucial to making this trip happen because the funding covered my major costs that related to this conference. These included the accommodation and registration fees.

This conference allowed me to share my expertise with the people who attended and worked in a similar field to my interests. I was lucky to learn many things related to research from this conference. Specifically, I presented two scientific papers which were published as a part of my PhD. I have received nice feedback related to these presentations. This feedback will assist me to write up my PhD thesis.

Moreover, I attended a pre-conference (ISCoS) workshop about ‘Causal Inference’. This workshop was appropriate for me and I learnt about research methodology (design issue about causal and prognostic study). This has provided me with very updated knowledge, which will guide me to develop my future research questions and appropriate design of research.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to meet with many people working in the related field of my interests. It was a nice platform to meet and exchange research interests with experts from many countries. This will help me to strengthen my research capacity. Particularly, the SRI hosted breakfast was a good initiative to meet with fellows working in many countries.

Finally, I have presented my achievements from this conference to the Masters of Physiotherapy and Masters of Rehabilitation Science students in Bangladesh. These students are multicultural, and it was a good floor to share my achievements from the ISCoS conference. Students of these programs found my presentations useful and informative. I think they benefited from my presentations to progress their own studies and research.”


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