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Nattha Boonthanakorn

Nattha Boonthanakorn works with Assistant Professor Sintip Pattanakuhar from Chiang Mai, Thailand, her research mentor. She is a first year rehabilitation resident. Nattha has almost completed a first-year rehabilitation medicine residency. The research in her poster presentation is her residency research, there is still much more to learn, and work to be done.She is glad that this work has led her to the ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting as it is her first time to join an international conference.

Nattha shares her experiences from the conference.

As a young researcher, attending ISCoS conference in person allowed me to present a study protocol of my upcoming research, “The effect of a natural-extracted 1:1 THC: CBD oil for reducing spasticity in people with chronic spinal cord injury: a study protocol of double-blind randomised control crossover trial,” which allowed me to meet some of the researchers around the world who have an interest in my research. Some of them used to research cannabinoids and spasticity, others used to use the same questionnaire to do their research. However, all of them found some pitfalls, and they are waiting for my research that might fill the knowledge gap. It really meant a lot to me that something we did here could help other people too. As a training PM&R physician, attending the keynote lecture gave me updated knowledge to improve healthcare.

Two things that I did not expect from the ISCoS conference were the excellent relationships and human power. Luckily, I got the chance to meet many amazing people and friends through the conference and SRI’s breakfast meeting. The small group discussion allowed me to see the efforts of healthcare workers and people with SRI around the world who share their problems, their own solution, and the “might-help” solution. It was great to have a shift in perspective and everyone was very open-minded and listened to other people’s thoughts. It was a pleasure for me to receive all of this experience from great supporters: the SRI, Chiang Mai University, and of course, my supervisor Dr. Sintip Pattanakuhar. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity.

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